Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 – Seo Friendly

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018If you own a lot of websites then you may want to consider moving them to separate servers, especially if they are in the same niche. Google does not give the same weight to inbound links from sites in the same niche that sit on the same server. That’s because it is assumed that they are associated with each other and therefore not really “inbound”, but “crossbound.” It’s like the difference between a crosstown bus route and a charter bus from another city or town or even state. You know the bus from out of state is a visitor’s bus, but a bus you recognize as seeing every day isn’t. Google looks at servers the same way. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Let’s say that you have a website dedicate to pitching horseshoes and a blog on a separate domain name with a forum in the same niche at a different URL. That’s three domains in the same niche. You should consider putting them on separate servers and IP blocks.

I’m assuming that you’re cross linking these sites because they are related. They are in the same niche. Keep them on the same server and Google will automatically associate them. Put them on separate servers and you run a better chance of Google considering them as different entities that link to each other from separate servers and IP blocks. Google will then give greater weight to the links for search engine optimization factors.

Premium WordPress Themes – Blog Links

The online world is becoming dominated by blogs; at least it seems like it. For a website owner, you may wonder if backlinks from blogs actually help in your overall search engine optimization strategies.

There are two ways to look at this question. Are blogs simply valueless sites that contain little in the way of value, or are blogs just an extension of a website and contain valuable content. The reality is somewhere in between I am sure. However, when it comes to SEO considerations, if a blog ranks well for a particular keyword then the value of any link is little different to a standard web page (if that exists anymore?).

Google indexes a lot of blogs, do they place high importance on them in the current algorithm? Probably no higher than any other page. However sidebar or blogRoll links and blog posts which lead to relevant content can be of high value. Almost every section of Google has a blog, often in several different languages.

Google could hardly consider Blogs as useless since they use them to broadcast new information. In fact many search engine marketing operators watch these Google blogs for hints to changes in the way Google ranks pages. Yahoo! also likes blogs, but not to the extent as Google. Like Google, Yahoo! uses a blog to make announcements.

Blogs often offer value as they are generally written by related industry bloggers. Blog links should not be discounted and should be a part of every SEO campaign. As with any website, treat each blog on its merits, there are good and bad websites, there are good and bad blogs. Obtaining a link from a well ranked blog can offer real value to your SEO link building strategy.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Popularity

Search rankings are nothing more than a popularity contest based on chosen keywords and the number of pages linking into yours. The role of an SEO consultant is to dress up the model to try and win that contest.

Link popularity, generally measured using PageRank as a base, is one of the most talked about aspects of SEO. Link popularity is a measure of quality of peer recognition of a page. It is not the only form of popularity.

Social popularity is becoming more important and over time may become of the most important keys to a sites credibility. Add to this niche popularity, a measure of how many other sites from your niche link to you and the formula becomes complicated.

Click popularity has been important and into the future will take on a broader importance. At presence most click popularity comes from either PPC or generic search responses. Into the future, the users habits will also be taken into account.

Trying to determine rankings is impossible. Trying to determine what value each section has is even harder. Most links fit into one of those key areas, and together help to determine the search value of your page for any given set of keywords.

Premium WordPress Themes – Video Transcripts

Videos have become an extremely popular addition to web pages and much has been written about how to optimize them for search results. One little used option is to include a transcript of your video. As part of your SEO strategy you can submit the transcript to Google.

A thread on Cre8asiteforums discusses the use of transcripts. Google have a preference for including time stamping in the transcript. Those who participated in the thread doubted the user benefit of the time stamping, and for most users I tend to agree. I cannot see how time stamping can help with the videos indexing – since, from a search and SEO perspective; it is the content that is important.

One option that was mentioned in the thread included:

This makes more sense and, from a user perspective, is value adding. The user can see the contents of the video first, if it appears to answer their query, they can then watch the video. There is still a degree of dilemma in the search engine optimization world about videos and how best to optimize them. Providing a transcript in the form of a web page may be the better option. However, it is still the page that is being indexed, not the video.

Submitting the transcript to Google will at least have the content accurately indexed, even though it is a video. The only question left is whether or not you have the time to transcribe your videos.