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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Sometimes we get an e-mail (or a blog comment) from someone who says their PageRank declined because they were buying links. This happens often enough that I thought I’d write something about why buying links is not good for search, period. It isn’t because Google is some mean, rotten pig. I mean, it actually makes sense. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Think about what Google’s job is. It’s to return the most relevant search queries for a particular search based on the parameters that searchers enter into a query box. What would happen if the top 10 search queries were there because someone paid for them to be there? Suppose you had to pay $10,000 to be in position No. 1 and each subsequent position below that cost just $100 less than the previous one. The guy in the 10th position, the last position on page 1, would pay $9,000 to be there. But what about every one else?

Suppose the payment system “filtered down” this way until the website in position No. 100 (page 10) paid $100. Everyone below that opted not to pay at all so they just fell in wherever Google decided to put them. What would happen if the system was based on money?

Eventually (and I’m betting it wouldn’t take long), no one would rely on search at all because everyone would know that the website on top was there because he paid the most money. His website may not be relevant to the actual search that I conducted, but he paid the most money so there he is.

How many people would search the Internet through Google if that’s the way search worked? Not many. Because why would anyone look for specific information if they had to sift through a bunch of paid-for listings to find the ONE item that was relevant and answered their question?

Paid links is an attempt to turn Google into just such a system. Because Google’s ranking algorithm is so heavily based upon the number and quality of inbound links, paid links actually serve to dilute link quality. It is assumed, and always has been, that website owners link to other websites out of a value that they hold for the other site. But if website owners linked out only because they were paid to then no one could trust the quality of the links. That’s why no one should want paid links contributing to ranking factors at Google or any other search engine.

Premium WordPress Themes – Inbound Links

In a recent interview with Aaron Wall, legendary “black hat” SEO Fantomaster commented that Google’s PageRank algorithm is based on a fallacious view of links. Is he right?

Let’s review what PageRank is and how it is calculated. If you’ve been around on the Internet for awhile then you know that PageRank is based on the concept that inbound links count as “votes”. The system was devised as a way for Google to examine a website’s authority based on how many other websites were linking to it and the quality of those links. Over the few years that this system has been in place, the algorithm has changed and shifted from merely counting numbers of links to analyzing several factors related to the quality of a link. But the basic underpinning of links as votes is still in place.

Fantomaster has a point when he says this is a flawed view of linking. A link does not necessarily equate with quality in the eyes of the linker. There are all sorts of reasons, as he points out, for one website to link to another, including disagreeing with a premise or an entire point that the linkee made on his or her blog. A link could be for the purpose of criticism, not praise.

So why is this system still in use when it is clearly based on a flaw? And why do so many Internet marketers still rely on it as a test of relevance and authority?

PageRank has its flaws, no doubt. It certainly is not a reliable test of authority, especially since many “so called” search engine optimization experts have used it to buy and sell links and to manipulate rankings and their own site authority through complex linking schemes. In the world of SEO, link building has become an industry of its own simply because of the PageRank algorithm.

Aaron Wall’s question to Fantomaster regarding the future of links – will the search engines get away from link evaluation for the purpose of determining authority and relevance – is a good question. I wish they would. I’d like to see a more complex measure in place that takes into account other factors like scalability, heavier emphasis of on-page factors, and more weight toward new websites that meet a specific query answer. But until something better comes along we are stuck with evaluating links.

Premium WordPress Themes – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking has grown in popularity in the last couple of years. I’ve noticed that there are two minds concerning how social bookmarking sites are used. On the one hand, social media marketers promote the social sites as relationship-building tools and tend to discourage their use for link building. Search engine optimization experts, particularly traditional and technical SEOs, tend to emphasize the link building aspect of social bookmarking.

With sites like this promoting the link building aspect of social bookmarking, it’s difficult to just ignore the benefits the temptation offers. The fact is, social bookmarking, if done the right way, can be useful in building links to a website and if you have a brand new website it can prove to be more than instrumental. Even the pros who stress the social benefits over the SEO benefits know this.

Social bookmarking, however, is best used as more than a link building tool. That shouldn’t be its primary use. But it is OK to know that the benefits are there and there is nothing wrong with submitting your website to social bookmarking sites that pass link building juice in addition to those sites are popular and don’t. In other words, not everything has a single purpose. Social bookmarking is one of those.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018 – Seo Friendly

Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018If you own a lot of websites then you may want to consider moving them to separate servers, especially if they are in the same niche. Google does not give the same weight to inbound links from sites in the same niche that sit on the same server. That’s because it is assumed that they are associated with each other and therefore not really “inbound”, but “crossbound.” It’s like the difference between a crosstown bus route and a charter bus from another city or town or even state. You know the bus from out of state is a visitor’s bus, but a bus you recognize as seeing every day isn’t. Google looks at servers the same way. Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Let’s say that you have a website dedicate to pitching horseshoes and a blog on a separate domain name with a forum in the same niche at a different URL. That’s three domains in the same niche. You should consider putting them on separate servers and IP blocks.

I’m assuming that you’re cross linking these sites because they are related. They are in the same niche. Keep them on the same server and Google will automatically associate them. Put them on separate servers and you run a better chance of Google considering them as different entities that link to each other from separate servers and IP blocks. Google will then give greater weight to the links for search engine optimization factors.

Premium WordPress Themes – Blog Links

The online world is becoming dominated by blogs; at least it seems like it. For a website owner, you may wonder if backlinks from blogs actually help in your overall search engine optimization strategies.

There are two ways to look at this question. Are blogs simply valueless sites that contain little in the way of value, or are blogs just an extension of a website and contain valuable content. The reality is somewhere in between I am sure. However, when it comes to SEO considerations, if a blog ranks well for a particular keyword then the value of any link is little different to a standard web page (if that exists anymore?).

Google indexes a lot of blogs, do they place high importance on them in the current algorithm? Probably no higher than any other page. However sidebar or blogRoll links and blog posts which lead to relevant content can be of high value. Almost every section of Google has a blog, often in several different languages.

Google could hardly consider Blogs as useless since they use them to broadcast new information. In fact many search engine marketing operators watch these Google blogs for hints to changes in the way Google ranks pages. Yahoo! also likes blogs, but not to the extent as Google. Like Google, Yahoo! uses a blog to make announcements.

Blogs often offer value as they are generally written by related industry bloggers. Blog links should not be discounted and should be a part of every SEO campaign. As with any website, treat each blog on its merits, there are good and bad websites, there are good and bad blogs. Obtaining a link from a well ranked blog can offer real value to your SEO link building strategy.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Popularity

Search rankings are nothing more than a popularity contest based on chosen keywords and the number of pages linking into yours. The role of an SEO consultant is to dress up the model to try and win that contest.

Link popularity, generally measured using PageRank as a base, is one of the most talked about aspects of SEO. Link popularity is a measure of quality of peer recognition of a page. It is not the only form of popularity.

Social popularity is becoming more important and over time may become of the most important keys to a sites credibility. Add to this niche popularity, a measure of how many other sites from your niche link to you and the formula becomes complicated.

Click popularity has been important and into the future will take on a broader importance. At presence most click popularity comes from either PPC or generic search responses. Into the future, the users habits will also be taken into account.

Trying to determine rankings is impossible. Trying to determine what value each section has is even harder. Most links fit into one of those key areas, and together help to determine the search value of your page for any given set of keywords.

Premium WordPress Themes – Video Transcripts

Videos have become an extremely popular addition to web pages and much has been written about how to optimize them for search results. One little used option is to include a transcript of your video. As part of your SEO strategy you can submit the transcript to Google.

A thread on Cre8asiteforums discusses the use of transcripts. Google have a preference for including time stamping in the transcript. Those who participated in the thread doubted the user benefit of the time stamping, and for most users I tend to agree. I cannot see how time stamping can help with the videos indexing – since, from a search and SEO perspective; it is the content that is important.

One option that was mentioned in the thread included:

This makes more sense and, from a user perspective, is value adding. The user can see the contents of the video first, if it appears to answer their query, they can then watch the video. There is still a degree of dilemma in the search engine optimization world about videos and how best to optimize them. Providing a transcript in the form of a web page may be the better option. However, it is still the page that is being indexed, not the video.

Submitting the transcript to Google will at least have the content accurately indexed, even though it is a video. The only question left is whether or not you have the time to transcribe your videos.

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WordPress Premium Themes

Wordpress Premium ThemesYesterday, celebrated its first birthday. This is the organization fighting to keep Verizon and AT&T from stripping away your right and mine to the use of a free Internet. These large communications companies want to create a high band Internet for government and people willing to pay the price and then a slower “lane” for everyone else – that is, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and people who won’t be able to afford the elite steak dinner along with the keynote address. Simple WordPress premium Themes includes one year of support.

There’s a great article in today’s WebProNews on one senator, Byron Dorgan, who is criticizing his colleague Ted Stevens and AT&T head cheese Ed Whitacre for their evil scheme. Essentially, good guys like Dorgan want to keep the Net open to everyone while the bad guys want to build a wall between the haves and the have nots. And if this happens there will be more have nots than haves, but there won’t be power in numbers – unless numbers refers to the number of dollar bills you carry in your pocket.

I encourage you all to swing by the SaveTheInternet website and sign their petition, if you’ve not done so already. And while you’re at it vote for them for the 2007 Webby Award. They’re in second place right now. Voting ends today.

WordPress Premium Themes – Speed Your Site

With the speed of the internet and the rate of growth we have been seeing, it is very difficult to keep up with everything never mind taking the time to actually analyze your own website surroundings and linking structure to see what websites are linking to you from a structural stand point. It is important to take the time to really understand the linking structure of your website so you know where to make improvements and where to ratchet things down. Let’s take a look at some of the important areas the Google webmaster will show you for your website:

Links to Your Site: This is a great area to be familiar with because it will show you all the links that are pointing to your website along with all your internal website pages as well. It is nice to be able to look at who is connecting with you so you can estimate what direction you want to take your link building into. Your links should be evenly spread out throughout your entire link building campaign. You don’t want to be top heavy on any one effort.

Crawl Errors: Google webmaster tools will also show you in detail any crawl errors that are occurring on your website. This is important because you want to know if certain areas of your website are having a difficult time to be read by the search engine crawlers.

Keywords: It also shows you what keywords have a significant focus on your website. This will allow you to diversify or shift your focus in order to utilize a variety of different keywords throughout your website.

Sitemaps: Having a sitemap is just SEO 101. It will show you how many pages are being indexed currently by your existing sitemap. If your sitemap has any issues this is where you will see it.

Make the effort to install Google webmaster tools on your website. This also gives Google a heads up that you are open and willing to let them in so they can understand everything about your website. This is important from a ranking and trust factor standpoint. This tells the search engines that you have nothing to hide from them and you don’t mind them seeing how you build your links and market your website. If you have nothing to hide this will help you in the long run.

WordPress Premium Themes – Best Friend

For a newcomer, stepping into the area of search engine marketing can be quite overwhelming especially if they haven’t really ventured into the online marketing space before. It is bad enough for those individuals to try and learn how to do many of the items themselves but to analyze the raw data and dissect it in order to understand how it is working for them could be a lengthy learning curve. There are many good analytics software packages out there, but I highly recommend Google analytics for most websites. It is easy to use, free and reliable.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important areas to view in your Google analytics account:

  • 1. Visitors: In this section of your Google analytics software you can see a variety of information specific to your visitor. You can see what types of browsers people use to find you along with things like connection speeds and what kind of mobile devices people use when they are on the go to find your business. Often times a website or functions of a website will appear different in other browsers. This will give you a better understanding what elements you need to work on with your website to make sure things are consistent across the board.
  • 2. Traffic Sources: This section will be your best friend. This is where it shows you what keywords are driving traffic along with which referring sites are bringing over traffic. You are going to want to look at this information on a regular basis in order to see what is going on with your marketing. If a website posted a link about you and it is delivering traffic to your website you are going to want to know this type of information. Once you get going with your online marketing and SEO this section of the analytics software is going to be your best friend. It will show you what is actually working and what isn’t. If you spend a great deal of time in a certain area that almost never delivers any type of traffic than this information will be valuable so that you can make the proper changes so that traffic does find their way to your site.
  • 3. Content: This section allows you to go through the pages of your website along with any blog posts you might have to drill down to specific page data. This will allow you to target various elements on those specific pages in order to maximize their overall efficiency. If you notice a certain page get a great deal of traffic but the bounce rate is quite high you can make the necessary changes to reduce that bounce rate.

Google analytics is very important and will be even more important when times moves on and your SEO becomes very robust and comprehensive. Learn it now while you are getting started. You will have an easier time to understand the data down the road.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesHave you ever heard of .yu domain names? If not, then you won’t be disappointed that they’ll stop working after September 30. If you have one then you might be alarmed. What should you do? Premium WordPress Themes | TeslaThemes.

The following advice is really for anyone, regardless of whether you have .yu domain or not, who is planning a transfer of domains to a new domain. If you have a .yu domain then you’ll need to start making your transfer as soon as possible. I would not recommend waiting until September. You want your new site working before your old site stops working and if you are planning 301 redirects, forget about it. They won’t work either. The entire .yu block of domains will be dead and so will any links that are pointing to them.

So how do you transfer an old domain to a new domain? Here’s a short list of items that you should keep in mind in your preparations.

  • Do a little keyword research first – in other words, update your keyword list to see if your old list is still the best list for your niche – and secure a domain name that is adequate on another TLD; be sure to choose a TLD that is sound and doesn’t have a history of volatility.
  • Transfer a handful of pages from your old site to your new site and test them before you move entire site. Do they work and are they visible in all browsers? Is the internal link navigation between them intact?
  • If all is good, transfer all of the pages from your old domain to your new domain.
  • Check all of your backlinks to your old domain. Are there any that you can control yourself? If so then get those links changed to point to your new domain. Contact the site owners of all other links and request that they change the link to point to your new pages. Make sure that you give those site owners the exact address of the old page being linked to and the exact page URL of the page you want them to link to on your new site. Be prepared for some site owners not complying with your request, which means you’ll lose some of your links, but if you can get most of them changed then you’re off to a rocking start.
  • If you have not already done so, change all of your directory listings. For some directories you may need to delete your old listing and submit a new one. Whatever it takes, make sure those directories are listing your new site and not your old one.
  • Create and submit a sitemap for your new site to all of the search engines that crawl them.
  • Test your new site again for crawlability, navigation, and user friendliness.
  • If you are satisfied wit your new site, take your old site down so that your new site can get crawled and indexed with no duplicate content issues. If your site is not a .yu domain and you have reason to believe that it will stay where it is for a long time, use a page-to-page 301 redirect on every page of your website so that you don’t lose any visitors. Your links to the old site should count for PR and link juice to the new site. But in the case of .yu domains, that won’t happen so taking your site down is a better option.
  • Continue marketing your new site.

If you do have a .yu domain name, now is the time to start your transfer. The bigger your site the more likely you are to run into problems and the larger those problems are likely to be. You’ll need to plan for contingencies so sooner is better than later.

Premium WordPress Themes – New Look

If you’ve never used Google Analytics then you’re missing out. It’s free and that’s a good selling point, but it’s also one of the best metrics tools on the planet. It’s certainly better than anything else out there in the free (or even paid) category of tracking products. And if you’ve been to the Google Analytics site but decided it wasn’t for you because you couldn’t find any of the helpful information, that has changed. They’ve changed the way they look.

Obviously, the new face is meant to make Google Analytics easier to work with for new users. If you are a veteran user then you likely sign up through your Personalized Google account. If not then you may see the face. It’s still helpful.

If you have a website and you want to know how users are using your website then I highly recommend Google Analytics. You simply add a little code to the pages of your site and verify it then you can track how users are using the site, including the number of visitors, unique visitors, time on site, time on individual pages, bounce rates, navigation patterns, traffic sources, and you can even create your own customized reports. It’s the perfect metrics tool to measure your search engine optimization efforts as well as paid search. Try it out.

Premium WordPress Themes – Local Business

If you run a local business, things just got better for you. Google has announced that it will now start providing Google Analytics data for businesses that are listed in its Local Business Center.

The specific data you’ll be able to track includes:

Number of impressions your LBC profile receives via search or Maps search
The number of actions people take to interact with your business listing
Top search queries used to find your listing
Zip codes where driving directions came from

The value of this information extends far beyond mere search. The zip code information, for instance, could be used to help you add business locations. If you see a lot of queries coming from a specific zip code and you know that residents in that zip code have a long way to travel to get to your office, you could open up a satellite office in that zip code or a new business location.

Just like with Google Analytics and any website you own, knowing the top search queries to find you is smart for future optimization reasons. So, in a word, this information is valuable to you and now you have access to this information through your Local Business Center listing. Take full advantage of it.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Responsive WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress ThemesSimpleMap is a powerful and easy-to-use international store locator plugin. It has an intuitive interface and is completely customizable. Its search features make it easy for your users to find your locations quickly. Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 and responsive wordpress themes for your business.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – What SimpleMap all about?

With SimpleMap, you can easily put a store locator map on your WordPress site in seconds. You can manage locations from any country supported by Google Maps. With SimpleMap you can also easily manage an unlimited number of locations, put a Google Map on any page or post that gives instant results to users. Users can enter a street address, city, state, or even the name of a location to search the database.

Want to make the map fit with your theme; it’s simple to customize the appearance of the map and results with your own themes. SimpleMap come with clean design, its means you’ll have a classy store map that perfectly fits with any WordPress theme. SimpleMap give you familiar interface that fits with WordPress admin area, it’s comes with easy-to-use settings page. You can import and export your database as a CSV file, it’s useful to collect the database so you can see from where your visitor come from.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Installing SimpleMap WordPress Plugin

  • Upload the entire simplemap folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Go to the ‘Plugins’ page in the menu and activate the plugin.
  • Go to Google Maps to sign up for an API key for your domain.
  • Enter the API key in the ‘General Options’ page of SimpleMap.
  • Type [simplemap] into any Post or Page you want SimpleMap to be displayed in.
  • Enter some locations in the database and start enjoying the plugin!

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – 7 Paypal Donation WordPress Plugins That Help You to Make Money with Donation

If you want to making money from your blog or think that your reader and visitor love your content, you might be want to make a little money by asking for donations to support your blog.

When you write great contents and working hard on it, your reader may want to give you a reward for this. It’s like buy you a cup of coffee for your efforts to create value and give useful information for them. I think this is not bad idea to try. It will be love to be surprised when you turn on your computer and checking your Paypal and saw there are a little penny on your account. Thanks for our readers icon biggrin 7 Paypal Donation WordPress Plugins That Help You to Make Money with Donation

If you interesting to give opportunity to your readers to make a donation to your blog, you can put donation button on your sidebar or your posts.

To make it easier you can use paypal, the most popular and safety payment systems on the world nowadays. Use PayPal is also a universally accepted way to transfer money so your visitors will feel safety to feel happy because it’s easy enough.
PayPal Donations

  • Collect donations from a button on your website, or even using a link in an email!
  • PayPal Donations is a low cost way for you to accept credit card and bank account donations. Integrate PayPal Donations with your website in a few easy steps

If you blogging use WordPress self-hosted you can try some plugin to put Paypal donation button or link on sidebar widget or post. Here I make list of WordPress plugins that can make you easier to take a donation from your visitor by asking donation.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – Buy Me a Beer

This WordPress plugin allows your readers to donate money to you via PayPal. The plugin is widget enabled. The plugin adds a “Buy Me a Beer” button to sidebar and at the bottom of all posts.

When your readers click on that button, they are taken to the secure PayPal page from where they can donate money to you.

WordPress Paypal Donation Plugin

WordPress Paypal Donation Plugin can be used to receive donation in one click. Donation can be received in multiple currencies. The plugin can be used in the sidebar, posts and pages.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – WordPress PayPal Donation

Another small and beautiful plugin. It adds a fully customizable PayPal button to the posts. The only thing you have to do is put [ donate] in your post or in your theme. Via the options panel it is fully customizable.

Paypal Donation Shortcode

A very simple plugin that allows you to easily create a link to a Paypal donation page, by using a customizable shortcode.

Best Premium WordPress Themes 2018 – I Like This WordPress Plugin

Do you think your visitor like your post? If you are Facebook user you must be know about ‘like’ features on Facebook. These features allow you to mention your friend that you like their status update, notes, photos, etc. Now I want to tell you that you can bring these cool features to your WordPress blog.

I Like This is WordPress Plugin that allows your visitors to simply like your posts instead of comment it. This plugin will display the number of people who liked your posts.

To use this plugin you need WordPress 2.3 or higher, this plugin is also compatible with WordPress 2.8.5. So if you want to display the number of people who liked your posts on your blog you can use I Like This WordPress plugin.

Tracking Your WordPress Blog Using Clicky WordPress Plugin!

If you make money online from your blog, you must be want to measure your blogging success. How much visitor reach you at the day, what content the read, and where the come from so you can optimize your blog for SEO and continue write great content. If you are blogging using WordPress now you can try Clicky. Clicky is a pretty cool analytics tools with real time features and it can work awesome, including on WordPress blog.

I was read that Clicky developer was asking Joost de Valk to join to re-develop their WordPress plugin. I don’t know, but from me Joost de Valk name itself is mean guarantee. Like how he was doing a great job with StudioPress. He recommends to trying Clicky and I try it.

Actually Clicky can use on another blog platform or website. To make it work on WordPress you need to install Clicky WordPress plugin. I register to Clicky and just playing around to see how it working. And honestly, it’s cool icon biggrin Tracking Your WordPress Blog Using Clicky WordPress Plugin!

We can also look from where the visitors come from, and even see it on Google map. Like Joost de Valk mention ‘their “Spy” feature is quite addictive…’. Yeah that true. Please not play with this when you want to write a post. You will fail, because it’s fun and addictive icon biggrin Tracking Your WordPress Blog Using Clicky WordPress Plugin! . To see how many visitors come to your WordPress blog on real time is cool.

You also can integrate your posts with URL shortener and tweet it to twitter.

Just try it and tell what you see on Clicky. If you have use Google Analytics I think using Clicky is not really difficult for you. I am rare to use Google Analitycs and just open it for once per week. But with Clicky I think it will be more often icon biggrin Tracking Your WordPress Blog Using Clicky WordPress Plugin!

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